[BLDG-SIM] Announcing ESP-r/Radiance ISO download image for Windows PCs.

Kostas forwarded this to me. This seemed of general interest, so I'm forwarding it to the list.


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Subject: [BLDG-SIM] Announcing ESP-r/Radiance ISO download image for Windows

The Energy Systems Research Group (ESRU) announces the availability of
a convenient way for Windows PC users to run ESP-r and Radiance without
the hassles of setting up a Linux partition or buying a workstation...

Ever wanted to take on heavy duty simulation tasks, but were put off by
the hassles and operating system requirements? ESRU have taken the
guesswork out of setting up ESP-r and Radiance on a PC by bundling the
relevant portions of the Cygwin environment with pre formed ESP-r and
Radiance distributions, helper applications and installation
instructions/scripts in a convenient ISO file which you can download
from our software distribution page at <http://www.esru.strath.ac.uk>
(Software -> ESP-r -> downloads -> ESP-r_Cygwin_binaries) and burn to a
CD and install.

No longer do you need to select individual Cygwin modules, we have
gathered the relevant portions of Cgywin onto the CD. Confused about
where it all goes - we have written clear instructions and created
scripts to setup ESP-r and Radiance so that once the install is
complete, you can get to down to work.

Included in the CD are a recent (October 2003) Cywgin setup.exe and
Cygwin download cache folder, Radiance 3.5 (except for TIFF related
modules), ESP-r (November 2003 build), instructions and scripts as well
as executables for several helper applications.

No network connection is needed during the install process, but if you
want to update Cygwin you can use the setup.exe for this. If you want
to customize ESP-r we have included a ESP-r source distribution and
you can also check the ESRU web site for fresh distributions.

-The ESRU team.

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