batch renders with explicit direct and diffuseirradiance


A few things I need to know first:

Do you use Radiance on Windows or Linux?
Do you change anything else in the scene (like blinds) or just the sky?
Can you locate the exported scene and find the file with '!gensky ...'
in it? It might even have an extension like '*.sky'.

If Ecotect allows you export a batch rendering for different times of
day or similar you
could do that and see how it is realised in the export. We could use
those files and
just modify them to include changing '-B' and '-R' params.

I'll be a bit busy this afternoon. So it might take me a bit to reply.



On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Giovanni Betti<[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your kind reply. Ecotect has a button that creates the batch process in a semi automated way, but you can not input the -B and -R parameters. I'll be happy to do it with command line scripting but I am not sure from where to start (the only thing I've managed to do so far in the command line was to use pcomb... not much I guess...).
Can you give me some help on that?

Thanks a lot for your time,


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Hi Giovanni.

I'm not quite clear if you want to use the Radiance tools from the command line or if you expect that there is a 'use these values' button in EcoTect.

In the fist case you have to find the file that contains the sky description in the scene that's exported by EcoTect. -B and -R are options to the gensky command that should be on one the lines in this file.

For a batch calculation of different values you have to loop over

1) modify the gensky command
2) recreate the scene octree
3) do the calculation again
4) move the images (or rtrace results) to a different place

This is possible with a bit of command line scripting.


On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 6:07 PM, Giovanni Betti<[email protected]> wrote:

Dear All,

I am fairly new to the use of Radiance, at the moment I am trying to
run a series of batch renderings in Radiance (for windows, using
ecotect as interface).
So far everything is fine, but if I want to use the -B and the -R
option in order to explicitly define the horizontal diffuse and direct
irradiance values from a weather file for each different sun position,
I do not know where or how I should enter the list of values.

Any suggestion on how to do it (if it is possible) would be very


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