AW: Installation problems

Hi Gunter pfilt at least seems to have been built - no error
messages there. Is the actual binary missing in the source tree or is it
"just not installed" in the /bin directory?
Towards the end of your log the program "wish" is reported missing and
subsequently "trad" is not installed.

  Best Achim
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Dear RADIANCE-specialists,

after downloading the source codes (rad4R0all.tar.gz) from the original
LBNL-website we unpacked the files und ran the install script by the
../makeall install. But something must have gone wrong, because after the
installation we are missing some important moduls (e.g. pfilt, ximage,
ta_tiff, etc.), see attached output of the install-script.

Can us anyone tell what´s going wrong during installation ?


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Hi Gunter,

it is a bit strange to see the error, because the binaries were actually build, just not copied to the target directory (except trad).

One general comment is that I would avoid spaces and special characters in directory and file names. It is easy to have make get confused:

/Projekt/downloaded-Sourcefiles/RADIANCE_Srcfiles/version 4.0

I'd make it version-4.0 and try again...

Cheers, Lars.