Announcing DIVA Day 2015!

Hello Everyone,

We at DIVA are announcing that the 4th DIVA Day will take place on October
23, 2015 in London, England, co-hosted by the Architectural Association!

Details to come, including an exciting announcement!

This year’s events will include:

• New features in DIVA 3.0
• The 2nd DIVA student competition
• Presentations by many practitioners and educators
• Networking opportunities at the DIVA Day dinner
• NEW – DIVA Training Day on Thursday October 22, and Saturday October 24!

DIVA Day is a full-day event of presentations and panel discussions for
practitioners, students and educators about building performance and design
using DIVA and associated building simulation tools. This year, in addition
to going international, we are excited to be pairing up with the
Architectural Association in London to bring you exciting new work in the
field of building performance and design. Check out previous DIVA Day
presentations here! <>

For more information, visit *
<>* or contact: [email protected].

The DIVA Team


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Founder and Developer

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