Ambient exclude transfomed material in instances

Hi Greg,

Well my experience is this. I obtained a trial/demo version of xfrog which comes with some sample trees. In order to test the geometry in radiance I exported a sample tree as obj. When I tried obj2rad, I got a: Waverfront syntax error near line <...>: Zero normal. However, if I take the xfrog obj into PolyTrans and re-export it, I get an obj file that works fine.


Gregory J. Ward wrote:


Hi Jack,

Thanks for the idea of using obj2mesh.

As to your question, the final modifier is the one that must be excluded (or included) using the -a[eEiI] option. I Iebele's file, this means the mixpict modifier.

Do you know what error comes out of obj2mesh using the xfrog .OBJ file?


From: Jack de Valpine <[email protected]>
Date: April 2, 2007 2:00:36 PM PDT

Hi Greg and Iebele,

I have a comment and a question on this.

First, Iebele, I have also just gotten a 3D xfrog tree. FYI, it is possible to generate an obj, convert to a radiance mesh and use Local u,v coordinate mapping to get the leaf and bark materials to apply. I have a tree right now that basically has a few materials defined for it:
bark with colorpict modifier
leaf with colorpict modifier
leaf-mix mixpict - this uses an alpha version of the leaf to mix between void (ie where the alpha is black) and the leaf material (2)
The question for Greg is this, to exclude the leaves from the ambient calculation what needs to be listed in the exclude file the "leaf" material and/or the "leaf-mix" material?

Iebele, the one thing to note is that the obj file that comes out of xfrog does not play well with obj2mesh or obj2rad. Thus I have to bring it into PolyTrans and re-export as an obj to get a file that radiance is happy with.



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