aiming failure for sun

Hello Everybody,

I am doing my work plane level grid calculations for a
simple room with a light shelf configuration and this
time am running into a new warning message. I have
specified the gensky and this time included both �B
and �R in my sky.rad file. When I do an r-trace I get
a message
Warning: aiming failure for light source �sun�.
However it proceeds to do the run and gives me the
output, which seems correct. (Superlite gives me
similar results). What is this warning message due to?
Is it similar to the warning message, which I got
initially when I was doing only sky �warning no light
source found (Thanks Rob for your initial response)
I read in the archives and found that the error may
arise if one is using odd shaped polygons /triangles
and illum however my geometry consists of simple
rectilinear forms and I am not using any secondary
sources. Could anyone explain the reason for this
warning message?

Thank You



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