Advices for a beginner

Hey, i just started working with Radiance and its a bit overwhelming. My goal is a daylight simulation where i can see the outer part of a house. I have already tried to manipulate the scene0 simulation from the tutorials in a way that the view point is outside of the generated box. The problem is that the simulation result is a completely white image. It would be awesome if you have some advice how i should approach my goal. Maybe some literature suggestions.

Additionally i wanted to ask whether there is an CAD program which you can suggest.

Greetings Philip

Hi @phku229! Welcome to the wonderful world of Radiance!

Perhaps may be useful? It uses Blender as a CAD program, but the principles can work with anything that you’re familiar with.

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Hi @phku229, sharing my experience from my side as a fairly new to radiance as well I would concur with @Dion_Moult suggestion to go through his tutorials. They are quite simple and clear to follow.

Another proposal that I would suggest is to try the Vi-Suite addon in Blender which under the hood is also using radiance for lighting simulations. Following the video tutorials is also quite straight forward to get some nice results.

Thanks for your replies. The Tutorial from @Dion_Moult helped me a lot and I will check out the VI-Suite addon.