2020 Radiance Workshop Bilbao // Covid-19 updates

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the radio silence on updates regarding the 2020 Workshop and how the global spread of Covid-19 might impact it.

Even if Spain is currently in the process of gradually lifting the lockdown restrictions, at this point it is impossible to know what kind of scenario we will be experiencing in September, either locally in Bilbao or globally, and whether or not international conferences will be permitted or advisable. We continue to monitor the situation in order to make the most sensible and prudent decisions affecting the workshop, and obviously prioritizing everybody’s safety.

While we haven’t given up on this year workshop we are also working on alternatives. In the event that we could not host the workshop safely this year in Bilbao, it would be postponed to a new date in 2021, most likely early September 2021. I would like to thank the 2021 scheduled organizer for yielding us its place in case Bilbao needs to host in 2021. We understand that this delay in having a final decision might cause disruptions for travelling and accommodation arrangements, but we would like to be 100% sure before cancelling.

These days we have the technology to make the workshop happen remotely. However, we think that a virtual/remote workshop would not be such a desirable option for the Radiance community.

Regarding abstracts for presentations, the plan is to still receive them this year and in the event of postponing, presenters could give an updated talk in 2021. More details on abstract submission coming soon.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.



Thanks, Eduardo. Does anyone have tips on what to do regarding airline reservations? I haven’t made mine yet, but I hear that airfares are pretty low (for obvious reasons), and free postponements are allowed by many carriers. I don’t know which airlines are better or what the restrictions are, so we would appreciate any reliable tips folks can offer.

We got an e-mail last night from Josemi Martinez, our host at Universidad del Pais Vasco, saying they are cancelling our workshop dates this September. So, the decision has been made for us. There will be no Radiance workshop in 2020.

Our plan is now to reschedule for the same location in Bilbao in 2021, and shift all future workshop locations by one year. Tentatively, this means Toronto in 2022, Innsbruck in 2023, and Salt Lake City in 2024. Of course, we are out on a limb with our 4-year plan, given our current shakiness figuring out two months into the future…

Please sound off about preferred dates for Bilbao in August of 2021. We can get the venue for the 9-13th, or the 16-20th. All dates in September 2021 have already been reserved by other parties, so these are the only two weeks available in our time frame.

Sorry for the news, but it’s probably for the best.

IBPSA’s international conference is September 1-3, 2021 in Bruges Belgium.
I vote for September 9-11, which allows for one trip with a few days off
between the two conferences.

Unfortunately, no September dates are available for that venue in Bilbao. We would need to select a different site to reserve any dates other than the August ones offered.

Hi Andy, hi all,

@Andy - it seems only dates in August are possible…
And I would vote for the later one (e.g. 18-20 August).


Andy McNeil via discourse.radiance-online.org <

Sorry for the confusion, I missed that the dates offered were for August, not September. I agree with August 18-20, still allowing for the possibility of one (longish) trip.

The week of Aug 23-27 would be a potential one but it happens to coincide with Bilbao summer festival week…probably too loud and crowded for us.

Hi again everyone,
We have officially blocked the dates at the conference center in Bilbao for August 18-20, 2021.
If anyone sees major conflicts with other conferences or events please let us know asap.
Hopefully the European Union ban on American travelers will be lifted by then!

Hope these 2021 dates work for everybody!


This may be the earliest we’ve ever known the exact dates and venue for a Workshop! So, there’s that. =/

Thank you, Eduardo! And yes, hopefully by then the ban on American travelers will be lifted, tho I can say I blame anyone for wanting to hold us at arms length. =(

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Registration is open for the 2021 Workshop to be held in Bilbao August 18-20th.

Early-bird registration lasts through May: