2013 International Radiance Workshop - Agenda & Webinar Details

Greetings, Photon Wranglers!

The 2013 edition of the International Radiance Workshop is just about upon us; we are quite excited to be the hosts this year, and especially delighted that we can extend the workshop's reach to anyone interested, via the webcast. We will be webcasting the entire three days (Mon Aug 12 - Wed Aug 14), and you will be able to ask questions as well.

To access the screencast, hit this url:

...and then enter this info:
Meeting number: 748078570
Meeting passcode: 1653

To hear what's going on, call one of these numbers:
1-210-516-8514 1-877-960-9637

...and enter this code:
Participant: 8824531

Certain dialing restrictions can apply from specific countries. See this link for details:

"See" you all next week!


Rob Guglielmetti & Jennifer Scheib
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Golden, CO USA