2006 Radiance Workshop

Dear Radiance aficionados,

The 2006 Radiance Workshop will be held at De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) sometime in September.

The Workshop will last two days and follow the same format as previous events. We will try to keep prices much the same as before (i.e. in the region of US$200-250 for the registration, less for speakers).

To allow for some flexibility in planning, I have provisionally booked a room during both the first and third (full) weeks in September [1]. I will need to finalise the booking in the next week or two. Please respond as soon as possible giving your preference.

Option A: 7-8 September (Thu-Fri)
Option B: 18-19 September (Mon-Tue)

It would greatly assist the organisers if firm bookings could be made sooner rather than later. I will send more details once we have settled on a preferred date. The tally stands at 1 for Option B (my preferred date).

I look forward to hearing from you -- soon.


[1] Greg asked that I avoid the second week, so please don't ask for that.

PS. The Queens Building is a (rather famous) low energy building with natural ventilation and copious daylight (weather permitting).

Inside views here:
Outside here:
(Building with glass walkways between projecting wings)


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